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“What People See”


And all people will see God’s salvation. - Luke 3:6


When we read these words in Luke’s gospel, what we’re reading is John the Baptist quoting the prophet Isaiah and it should remind us of something very central to our church: God’s salvation is for all people.

As an Open and Affirming church, we testify to a belief that God’s love really is truly meant for everyone just the way they are. No matter who we are, what our life circumstance, God is there loving us, and we are called as a community of believers to be and do likewise.

This love comes without conditions. It comes with an infinite amount of forgiveness and opportunities for redemption and second chances. It comes with an empathy that none of us are who we are or where we are on life’s journey in a vacuum. It comes with patience, wisdom, kindness, and mercy.

Now, ask yourself how many times a day you see that played out in fullness in the world around you juxtaposed to how many times a day you observe people being impatient, unkind, unforgiving, apathetic, and unwise?

If, after you do this little exercise, you see an imbalance towards a world and its people being less than they can be for one another, it’s time to reassess and all the more be an agent of God’s spirit at work in the world in order to restore balance.

If all people truly are to see God’s salvation, we have to live it so people can see it.


God of Grace, guide us towards being visible signs of your salvation at work in the world so all might know you through who and what we are.




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