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Seeking Out

She had heard about Jesus, and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, for she said, ‘If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well. - Mark 5:27

How often have you waited, perhaps even prayed, for something to come to you? How often has it happened without any effort on your part, and how often have been disappointed when it hasn’t happened; again, without any effort on your part? Sometimes we just want things to come and find us and not go through the work, the risk, of seeking something out ourselves.

After all, if “it” seeks us out, we know it’s meant for us and it’s ours to have. If we seek it out ourselves, not only does that take energy and work but it also means we might not find it, or when we do find that it isn’t meant for us.

The woman who seeks Jesus out for healing knows she needs him. Jesus walked all over the place and was always being sought out by people. I wonder how many people he passed by who needed him but never asked, assuming he’d just “know.” I wonder how many felt hurt because of that when he then passed by.

Sometimes, we need to speak up. Sometimes we need to let people know that we need something, that we’re hurting, that we need help. Sometimes we need to be like the woman who, instead of assuming Jesus would come to her and give her what she needed, went and sought him out and got it herself. And of course, once there, Jesus granted it to her. She took the initiative to seek out what it was she needed, bravely and with faith, and it was granted.

Seek, and you shall find….but first, you have to have the courage to seek.


God of Healing and Restoration, grant us the courage and the strength to seek out what it is we need until we find it.




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