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Sacred Intuition

God’s angel showed up again in Joseph’s dream and commanded, “Get up … flee to Egypt.” – Matthew 2:13

When you read Joseph’s story at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel, he has four dreams that tell him to do things he’d probably not prefer to do. Between Mary’s pregnancy, Herod trying to kill his new son and having to go into exile for a couple of years, and then having to travel all the way back from Egypt to get home, his dreams led him down roads he probably never would have or could have traveled down had he not had the courage to listen to what they were saying to him.

It brings up that funny little thing we call “intuition,” listening to your gut, or as Obi Wan Kenobi loves to say to Luke Skywalker, “Trust your feelings.” Joseph does just that. He listens to his dreams and ultimately saves his family and brings Emmanuel to safety in order to change the world.

How often do we trust our guts? I’m a big believer in it, and I know a lot of people who are very in tune with their inner voice and listen to it carefully. In a certain primal way, we’re wired to sense when we might be in danger, and in other ways, our experience and our own unique sensitivities help us know what feels right and what we should avoid. This isn’t the Jiminy Cricket, right-or-wrong conscience; this is when the hairs on your neck stand up because you feel threatened, or you just start weeping because you can’t contain your happiness. This is the primal Self that speaks to us through the eons, and often that is where we can find God’s voice speaking to us….just like Joseph.

Do we have the perception to listen, and if so do we have the courage to listen to our inner voice? More often than not, it doesn’t steer us wrong. Just ask Joseph.


Creator God, give us the insight to listen to what we intuitively sense to be guiding us along our Journey. We might just find your Still Speaking Voice talking to us there.




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