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“See, I am sending you out like lambs into the midst of wolves.” - Luke 10:3


I am, as best I am able, trying to teach Ryan how to drive now that he has his Learner’s Permit. He does a really great job in the Oviedo Mall parking lot, yet there’s going to be the day when he gets his license and we watch him drive off alone into traffic for the first time.

I’m going to feel like I’m sending my little lamb out into the midst of wolves. And, I have a big hunch, I’ll feel the same way when both he and Cooper ultimately leave the house to go out and live on their own. As much as Kath and I have done our best to prepare them, the world is a big place full of wonder and of peril, and all we can do is hope we’ve given them the tools they need to make it out there.

Jesus, in the same way, prepares the disciples as best he can to send them out to share the gospel. One day, he finally has to set them loose and see what they can do; and allow themselves to see what they can do, as well. He sends them with nothing but each other and the clothes on their backs. That, apparently, is going to be enough. Yet, he knows that the world is full of wolves and he’s sending them out like lambs.

However, it is the lamb that is going to change the world. The wolves may think they run the show, but in Jesus’ vision of God’s realm it is ultimately the way of the lamb, the way of peace, that will prevail. This is the wonderful reminder we get each year at this time when we remember how the eternal and infinite power of God comes among us as a lamb; a vulnerable little infant born into poverty in an obscure corner of a powerful and oppressive empire.

Jesus shows us what it is to be a lamb in a world full of wolves. He changed the world in doing so and then challenges us to do and be the same. He was probably a little nervous sending the disciples out as such, but he did so regardless and trusted that they would be OK. Today, we are sent out in the same way.

And we, God’s lambs in a world of wolves, will be agents of loving transformation and be OK, too.


God Of Love, send us out as your lambs and instill within us the courage to know that we will not only survive among the wolves, but we will be able to bring your peace in order to transform the world into your realm for everyone.




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