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Daily Meditation: "What's To Fear?"


The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? - Psalm 27:1


There have been some remarkable things that have happened in the journey of our church this year, some of which you all know, and some of which only happen here at my house through my email account. One such event has unfolded since the “Black Lives Matter” sign was put up on our lawn a few months ago.

I received a number of emails from people in our wider community who were angered, upset, and offended by the sign. I responded to each of them, and each email led to a conversation that was polite, respectful, and honored the different lenses through which people see and understand people and events around them.

One such email has actually led to an ongoing conversation about the differences between a progressive, inclusive church such as ours and a more conservative, Biblically-literal tradition of belief. While those conversations have always ended with an ocean of difference between myself and the sender, the conversations have been open, honest, and earnest. When all of this COVID madness passes, the sender and I may even get together for coffee and continue the conversation in person.

Yet I know how my heart raced a bit faster when I saw these emails come into my Inbox. I remember how it felt when the protesters showed up on our sidewalk all those years ago and I went out to speak with them. I remember the moments of fear. And yet, the fear came from the unknown. In the engagement, there was no fear at all. There was, in fact, growth and deeper understanding (for me, at least).

Of whom shall I be afraid, indeed.


God Of All Things, thank you for being our light and salvation, our stronghold, and being our source of strength and courage in the face of that which frightens us.




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