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Daily Meditation: "Tired"

Thursday, August 27, 2020


“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me.” - Psalm 138:7


Is anyone tired these days? Tired of COVID and all that comes with it? Tired of politics? Tired of injustice? Tired of...well….everything? Yeah, I know I am.

There’s a palpable wall I hit almost every day around the same time. I’m a morning person by nature, but in these days of COVID I know I’m sleeping less, I’m up earlier, and I’m tired long before bedtime. I long for a good night’s sleep, to feel alert and “up and at ‘em” when I jump out of bed eager to start a new day. That all seems very far away. Now it’s just another day of COVID precautions, washing groceries, staying away from people and places that I enjoy; each day seemingly indistinct from the day before. I feel like I’m living the movie “Groundhog Day.”

When you’re tired like this, what revives you? I mean, I’m writing this on my ten millionth cup of coffee and nothing's helping, so I’m honestly asking…

Seriously, though: we all need to be revived, and revived in the way the psalmist is talking about in Psalm 138. 138 centers around a Hebrew word, “chaya,” which is a form of the word “chai” which means “Life.” In a literal sense, this verse talks about “re-life” when it speaks of how God revives us. Life is brought back and, in a real sense, we along with it.

The hope inherent in Psalm 138 is that no matter what “trouble” we find ourselves in the midst of: pandemics, natural disasters, accidents, illness, breakups, losing jobs, getting generally “lost” along our way and having a tough time finding our way back to ourselves, God revives us. God brings Life back to us again. It may take a while, and we may not be able to see how it is going to happen or even be possible, and yet that is part of what being in a covenantal relationship with God is all about: the promise of New Life.

So, tired as we may be, remember that God is there to “re-life,” to revive us again and give us the strength and energy to move through and beyond that which exhausts us. Sometimes it is easy to forget that.


God of Life, revive us no matter what trouble we may be in the midst of. Amen.

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