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Daily Meditation: "The Promise"


“God remembers God’s covenant forever, the promise God made, for a thousand generations.” - Psalm 105:8


OK, so here’s a little glimpse into how these meditations get done. I get up on Monday mornings, make sure Ryan is awake and in front of his computer for his first class at 7:20 am, and then I sit and write all of them for the week. I then do the “Daily Dose” videos for the whole week, too. That’s my Monday routine.

Last week, I had a very difficult time with them; especially the written meditations. Most weeks I get seeds of inspirations for ideas that grow into what I write, but for whatever reason last Monday I sat here at the kitchen table and just stared with a hollow heart at scriptures that were supposed to inspire me and instead just left me empty. That was the kind of week I had last week.

Ever been there? Are you there now? If so, I hear you, and I’m with you.

Part of the story of that scripture I dive into each week is that lots of people in those stories were right there, too: empty, sad, frustrated, confused, hopeless, name it. There isn’t anything we’re feeling today that the people in our scripture didn’t feel, too. We are them, and they are us. That’s part of the personal connection we have with our sacred texts.

In that truth is God’s Promise: God never leaves us. God is always and forever there. Even when we feel alone, hollow, empty, drained and at the end of our proverbial rope, God is there. Whether we know it or perceive it or feel it or believe it, God’s promise to Abraham is also God’s promise to us and God never forgets it.

Even when I’m at my most exhausted, I can remember God’s covenant is meant for me, too, and knowing that I’m remembered by God gets me through to another, better day.


God of Abraham, thank you for your Promise. I am blessed to be remembered, even when I forget.




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