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Daily Meditation: "Sing Loud"

Friday, September 4, 2020


Give praise to the LORD, proclaim God’s name; make known among the nations what God has done. Sing to the LORD, sing praises; tell of all God’s wonderful acts.

- Psalm 105:1-2


I will never forget the first time I sat in the chair behind the pulpit and heard Molly Conole and our choir sing her version of “Irish Blessing” for our musical Benediction. I totally cried. I’ve heard and sung many a version of that blessing over the years, and Molly’s by far is the most beautiful (in my humble opinion.)

Singing is a big part of our worship. In fact, as many of you know when we took a survey a number of years ago about what is great about our church Music was in the top two. Whether sung or instrumental, music moves us in a way that nothing else can. It comes as no surprise, then, that the psalmist at many times talks about “making a joyful noise” and singing to God. Singing is, after all, a form of praise. It moves us, transports us, elevates us, evokes deep emotion and memory, and comes from the very soul of us.

Now, we’re all singing at home. We don’t have a choir or congregation to cover us up if we can’t carry a tune while belting out our favorite hymn. Thankfully, God truly doesn’t care. The psalms don’t say anything about singing “well,” they just say “sing!” Have you ever been to a school recital or concert of very young ones who clearly love what they’re singing but couldn’t carry a tune for the life of them? Do we cringe and criticize them? No, we smile even more broadly at their unabashed enthusiasm and joy for what they’re doing. Somehow, we lose that about people as they get older. I wonder why?

Our lives, like singing, are an act of praise. It doesn’t matter if we do it well, it matters that we do it and do it loudly and joyfully. God, like the parents at the school recital, delights in the doing of it, not in the level of perfection of doing it.

Sing loud.


God of Song, may we always sing loudly and joyfully the blessings you bestow on us.




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