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Daily Meditation: "Not To Be Taken Lightly"

Thursday, October 1, 2020


"You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain." - Exodus 20:7


OK, theological pop quiz: what does this Commandment really mean?

If you said, “swearing” then you are probably in the majority. However, that’s not really what it means. Commandment #3 means we shouldn’t take God’s name lightly, or for granted. There’s a tremendous amount of power in God’s name - in fact, the ancient Hebrews wouldn’t even fully spell it out. That’s why we see YHWH instead of “Yahweh.” God’s name is too holy to fully even spell. So, when we decide to use or utter God’s name, we ought to do so with all of the seriousness it demands.

We might think about this more when we offer our prayers. What and whom are we praying for, or perhaps not praying for? Do we take the name of God and the power that comes with it seriously?

On the flip side of that, do we take God’s name too lightly? For example, as I’ve heard people reflect over the years, does God really listen, let alone respond, to the prayers people offer for their favorite team to win? If we’re going to take the time to pray with God, should we take more care of what we take the time to share, to pray about, and to seek God’s power for?

Over the years I’ve tried to be more attentive to this. If I’m going to invoke God’s name I’m also invoking God’s power, and that matters.

So, yes, try not to swear. But along with that, don’t take God’s name lightly. It matters.


God Of Eternity, let us never take you for granted or too lightly. Remind us who You are, and whose we are.


Peace, Shawn

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