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Conversatology -- John Dominic Crossan: Biblical Justice and Non-Violent Resistance

Renowned Biblical Scholar and Theologian John Dominic Crossan offers his reflections and insights into the origins of Biblical Justice and Non-Violent Resistance.

John Dominic Crossan (born 1934) is an Irish-American New Testament scholar, historian of early Christianity, and former Catholic priest who was a prominent member of the Jesus Seminar. His research has focused on the historical Jesus, on the cultural anthropology of the Ancient Mediterranean and New Testament worlds and on the application of postmodern hermeneutical approaches to the Bible. His work is controversial, portraying the Second Coming as a late corruption of Jesus' message and saying that Jesus' divinity is metaphorical. In place of the eschatological message of the Gospels, Crossan emphasizes the historical context of Jesus and of his followers immediately after his death. He describes Jesus' ministry as founded on free healing and communal meals, negating the social hierarchies of Jewish culture and the Roman Empire. Crossan is a major scholar in contemporary historical Jesus research. In particular, he and Burton Mack are notable advocates for a non-eschatological view of Jesus, a view that contradicts the more common view that Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher. While contemporary scholars see more value in non-canonical gospels than past scholars did, Crossan goes further and identifies a few non-canonical gospels as earlier than and superior to the canonical ones. He lives in central Florida with his wife, Sarah.

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