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Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea. - Psalm 46:2

Yesterday was a day of changes. As we observe every four years or so, a transition occurs in the leadership of our nation. For some, it is a day of celebration, for others a day of profound challenge.

One of the themes of yesterday’s proceedings was the stability of the democracy on which the experiment of our nation is founded. Even when challenged, and there have been a few moments in the history of our nation when it has been, the guardrails that our forebears placed for us to keep things intact in the midst of instability have held firm.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t feel worried or anxious when these times occur. Change of any sort, even positive change, can be unsettling. Embracing the opportunity of a fantastic job, for instance, can also mean having to move away from family, friends, and familiarity.

Yet, as Heraclitus reminds us, the one thing that is certain is change. Therefore it falls to us to decide how we will navigate our way through change when it comes. The story of our faith, which is still being written, is full of changes; some heartbreaking, some inspirational beyond words. Not being afraid when change visits us, the psalmist invites us to consider, is one of the gifts of having faith; even when the mountains shake in the heart of the sea.

The future holds great uncertainty, albeit for the knowledge that change will come along with it. As we move forward into it together, let us hold fast to our courage and our hope that whatever changes come will lead us closer to the realm of God.


God of Change, remind us that for everything there is a season and that seasons bring change. Let us have the courage to live through them and find your loving Spirit at work no matter what changes may come.


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