The Year of The Possible

impossible_is_a_word-32503 This time of year is always a time of Retrospect mixed with Vision for me.  With a new year comes a time of looking back at the past 12 months as well as envisioning what the next 12 months may bring.

A year ago, I was in the midst of a search process for a new church and it was a difficult journey.  I knew I needed to make a change for a variety of reasons, and if you aren't aware of how ministers in my denomination find work, it takes months.  I had been in pretty deep dialog with a particular church and that was where I really thought I was going to be in the months to follow.

Life being what it is, just when I had mentally and emotionally prepared myself for a big change, it didn't happen!  I was ready to move on, and suddenly everything came to a grinding halt.  After months of communication and waiting, I was right back to the proverbial Square One.

Yet my wife and my gut kept saying, "Its going to happen."  I couldn't see how it was possible that we'd be somewhere else come the following fall; but that was what our intuition kept telling us.  But part of me kept thinking, "It's impossible."

Then last spring, completely out of the blue, I became aware of the church where I am currently blessed to be.  We dialoged a lot over the next few months and by summer, we had found that we felt authentically called to one another.  By the beginning of August I was officially asked to join them and by September I left New Jersey and moved to Florida.  Eight long and stressful weeks later, our house finally sold and my wife and young boys joined me in what is truly our dream home.  Now we are all together, I love my job, we love our home, and we love where we live.

I never could have imagined that a year ago.  In fact, I probably would have told you that it was impossible.

I'm also an idiot, because that was an indication of how little faith I had that what my heart was telling me was going to happen was actually true.

The process coming to First Congregational Church of Winter Park, Florida was a real lesson about the Truth of Possibility for me.  I was reminded in very profound ways that even when things seem completely impossible, Possibility is not at all lost.  If I am willing to be patient, to not lose Hope, and to listen to what my heart is trying to tell me despite what my brain knows to be a momentary reality, amazing things await.

But too often we are impatient and we lose hope.  We don't allow ourselves to dare to dream that what seems impossible might actually manifest itself into an amazing new reality that changes everything in positive ways we couldn't even imagine.

But if we continue to have faith, even in what we narrowly deem as impossible, Possibility remains vibrantly alive. This past year taught that valuable lesson in ways I could have never predicted.....and now, Life is GOOD.

As a Follower of Jesus, it reminds me of how often he told people that what they needed most to change their lives was already within them.  When he granted healing to broken people, he would often remark that it was their faith that made them well.  He also vividly reminds us that "The Kingdom of God is within you."  All that we could ever need or be is already within us.

For me, that says that if I look faithfully deep within, I'll find that if I live out my Divinity and surrender myself to a time table beyond my own, I am able to make even the impossible become possible.

It makes me ponder what amazing things lay ahead in the coming 12 months....and beyond.

Possibility awaits us.  Let us grasp it with Faith, Optimism, Compassion and Hope.

Peace, Shawn







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