Mid-Day Message On Divinity: YOU - Fully Human and Fully Divine


 "Jesus reveals in an exceptionally human life what it is to live a divine life, a compassionate life.” 

Donald Gray

I have always found the ways Jesus is often made unaccessible to us frustrating.  What do I mean by that?  Well....

This whole idea that it is a great mystery for the ages that Jesus was 100% Human and 100% Divine at the same time.  What does that even mean?

I understand the part of Faith that says Jesus was human, born of Mary.  He grew up, he ate, he slept, he made friends and he made enemies.  He experienced joy, pain, anger and sadness.  And as is the reality for us all, he died.

I also understand the part of Faith that says Jesus was Emmanuel - God With Us.  In the form of Jesus the world experienced God in all of God's full, compassionate power.  There have been prophets and sages before him and since, but I testify to a Faith that says never in history has there been One that so fully manifested the vibrant, living Spirit of God as Jesus of Nazareth.  If you wanna know what God is like, really like, look at Jesus.

I get that.  I get them both.

What I don't get is why its problematic for people to consider how that duality worked with Jesus, and I don't get it because we embody the same Fullness of God's Spirit in ourselves, as well.  Regrettably, we too often forget that because we don't live lives nearly fully Human enough to begin to live  out our Divinity.  But as Jesus reminds his followers in the Gospel of John, we are capable of things "greater than these" as he described his own ministry.

Jesus knew that we had the same power to love, to forgive, to offer grace, to offer healing and renewal ("Your faith has made you well").  As this week's 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington reminded us again, we also have the same power and passion to fight for Social Justice, to stand as advocates for those who have no Voice, to embrace the rejected, the marginalized, and the persecuted.  He reminded us all the time....and he showed us how to live it.

He showed us by being fully Human.

In doing so, we saw God.

If we authentically lived lives that were fully Human, would we not see God in one another, as well?  To use Donald Gray's quote above, why do we find it so difficult to reveal in exceptionally human lives what it is to live a divine life, a compassionate life?

Maybe because, at least for us church-going folks, the marriage of Jesus' Humanity and Divinity was made a Mystery long ago when it never should have been in the first place.

Jesus was completely Human and completely Divine.

And so are we.

Let us live lives that reflect that Truth.

Peace,  Shawn




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