Mid-Day Message: Small Acts of Kindness

ImageHow often do you watch the news and feel overwhelmed by the violence, the tragedy, the hunger and disease that seem to be a horrific constant to our every day?

How often do you see the Oprah's, the Bill Gates's, the George Clooney's making a difference with all of their seemingly endless resources and feel that you can't possibly even make a dent in the world's problems because you're only one person with limited resources of your own?

How often do these realities stop us from acting at all?

I know this has been a reality for people in every church I've ever been a part of, and I understand how people feel.  The world's issues and problems are so far beyond me and my little circle of people and life that I have;  can I seriously make any significant change as regards the horrific realities of the world that keep me up at night?

Honestly, no.  No, I can't.  I won't solve the problem of world hunger, or poverty, or homelessness, or prejudice, or......the list is almost as large as the problems themselves.

So what do I do when confronted with such mammoth problems and my inability to feel anything but completely inconsequential in the face of them?  For me, I go to my Faith and the Informer of my Faith, Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus lived in a time no less filled with horror, tragedy and the often violent mistreatment of people than I do.  Yet Jesus, for all his best work, didn't solve his world's problems either.  They continue to this day; and given what he said about the poor always being with us, I think he knew that those problems would persist because they arise out of our being human along with (and too often because of) all of our human faults.

Yet Jesus so significantly touched and changed the lives of people around him, one at-a-time, that he made a difference.  He did it with no social media engine, no vast media empire, no enormous amount of financial resources...

He did it through Compassion, on a one-on-one level, with almost everyone he came in contact with.  THAT made a difference so profound that it literally has changed the world ever since.

If a poor, homeless, itinerant Palestinian Jew from the 1st century could so powerfully change hearts and minds with his small acts of kindness that the world is still challenged and inspired by his life, imagine what we are capable of doing, too.

It only takes Compassion and our willingness to offer it freely to someone.

Why not "make large the world"  with a small act of Compassion in your life today?

Peace,  Shawn




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