Love Really IS Divine Wanna know why I love this song by Seal so much?

I was challenged to give the topic of Love some thought this week, and the more I gave it some thought the more I realized how many different kinds of "love" I could identify:

  • Love for my spouse - romantic love
  • Love for my children - parental love
  • Love for my parents - a child's love
  • Love for my extended family and close friends - familial love

All of these are profound forces in every moment of my every day.  But there's one more kind of love - a love that stems from my heart of faith - and it is the love that I personally identify as the foundation for everything else, including all the kinds of love I listed above.

The kind of love I'm talking about (and that Seal sings about in the video above of my favorite song of his) is what in my circles is known as "Agape."  Agape is the kind of love that the Spirit of God (whatever that means to you) has for all of creation.

As I've grown older, my personal notion of what "God" is continues to be an ever-evolving thing.  These days, I feel God is a permeating Spirit of Limitless Compassion that extends (much like The Force) through and between all things.  It is truly what binds us together, because when we feel disconnected from being loved, from being cared for and about, from being thought about by another...we feel isolated, alone, and often far less than we are capable of being.  In those times, whatever sense of faith we have is challenged, and often can be stretched to its very limits.

For me, that's what the first verse of Seal's song is all about; and in knowing that reality we often pray for an assurance that we are in fact connected to the Spirit of Love because when we are, we know who we are.  We know our Name.

In a very profound sense, this sense and experience of love, of Agape, at work within ourselves enables us with a  deep sense of identity: Who we are, What we are capable of being given our special and unique gifts, and How we are capable of being the fullest we can be.  When we are in touch with these things, when they are at work within ourselves we are able to weather life's storms, have the courage to do and say things we might otherwise not, and be inspired to not only live out our identity in fullness, but help others do the same.

That is part of what verse two says to me.

We can't pretend that life is always going to be alright, and that we'll never experience pain and loss.  To do so would be the height of naivety.

And yet, the ways in which we navigate our way through the journey of that pain and loss is ours to decide to a certain degree.  After we experience loss and pain, do we allow those moments to be what defines us and become victims to them, or do we incorporate them as just one chapter in the entirety of the book that is You and Me?  I've known people that allow pain to become their primary identifier, and they are never joyful people.  We would do well to allow ourselves the freedom of knowing that painful times will always be a reality, as are joyful times, and they both weave themselves into the rich tapestry that is our Journey.

What anchors me through that Journey is my connection to Agape, and it is when I feel I've lost my anchor that I feel most desperate, anxious, depressed and worried.  In a very real sense, I lose myself.  And like the Prodigal Son returning home to find himself again in the love and forgiveness of his father, when I find the presence of Agape in my life again I find myself "Home" again, as well.  I remember who I am, and I am able to live again, to breathe again, to move forward in New Life again.

That Love really IS Divine, and it really does help me know my name.  I am blessed to have had this Presence at work in my life for the entirety of my living memory, and it informs all that I am and all that I do.

I love this song because it so beautifully and eloquently speaks to a profound Truth I've come to know in my life, and has ministered to me in the times when I have a hard time remembering it.

I was fortunate enough to meet Seal last summer.  He didn't play this song (which bummed me out big time), but I was able to share with him why I thought this was such an important song of his because of the way it speaks to such a universal truth that really ministers to so many people.


And you know what he did?

He told me I'd given him some ideas and he played it the next night...wish I'd been there to hear it!  But its cool that he listened....he's a way cool cat with a loving, spiritual heart.


Agape all around...

Peace,  Shawn




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