Good Friday Meditation on Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait"! Lyrics

Before you read this, you need to watch the awesome clip from Red Rocks above, and check out the lyrics if you don't know them so you can get what I'm about to say:

A friend on Twitter said they were thinking of this song today and asked what I thought it meant.  Given the deep spirituality inherent in a great deal of Mumford & Son's amazing music, this is a great day to reflect on the nature of this song through a spiritual lens.

Good Friday is always a day that puts me in a deep sadness as I reflect on what happened all those centuries ago on this day.  It was a horrific day; for Jesus, for his mother, for those who stayed by his side, and for those who in their own fear fled, deserted, and denied him.  The man who in my heart and mind will forever be the living personification of the Spirit of Love in all its fullness was cast upon the world in the most brutal of ways today.

I have often reflected on how dark today and tomorrow must have been for his friends.  They didn't have any idea that their worlds would be forever changed on Sunday, and the hopelessness and darkness they must have felt over these two days must have been beyond consuming.

And yet the power of that Spirit in Jesus returned to them so powerfully and palpably that they left the room they'd been hiding in, deeply experienced Jesus being with them for a period of time following his death, and then went into public and began loudly sharing their experience of him and teaching what he'd taught them with others.

In the telling of that whole story, there is a deeply loving moment when Jesus returns to the disciples as they are hiding behind locked doors and offers them peace.


Perhaps they were expecting judgment, guilt, and shame for having declared their love and obedience to him only hours before they completely denied and deserted him.  Perhaps they were expecting anger and punishment.

Instead, they receive peace.  When they feel least deserving they receive grace and love.  That's the power of the Easter story, and its part of what is at the very heart of scripture.  No matter how many ways we think of to try and silence the presence of the Spirit of Love, it will always sing.  And it will meet us where we are and tell us we are beloved and special and a gift to the world.

That's a great deal of what I hear in this song.  I hear the Easter Story, and I hear the story of the Prodigal Son.  I hear the story of someone coming back to love after being hurt, or someone coming back to faith after being in deep personal crisis.

I profoundly hear the promise of new beginnings, and that there is a hope for forgiveness for each of us.

I also hear it as a conversation between the collective "us" and the Spirit of God (whatever that means to you), as God reminds us that we are being waited for.

And what a powerful message of hope for all of us; that the Spirit of Love that can never die and sings throughout the eternity of the cosmos in order to make things whole will wait for, of all things, the likes of us.

We must be very special; as special as a Love that will forever desire to be in relationship with the likes of you and me.

That's what this song says to me on this Good  Leave a comment!

Peace,  Shawn




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