Being What Tomorrow Demands

Winter Park's First Church - Still Leading The Way

First Congregational Church of Winter Park was the very first church founded in this community back in 1884, and ever since it has been a presence of faith and support for the spiritual lives of the residents here.  

From its founding roots with Rollins College, to its early post-Civil War work against segregation and assisting surrounding African-American communities, this church has been a profound presence in Winter Park .

With vibrant, relevant worship, superb Christian Education and a flagship music program, we continue to be a voice of social justice and inclusion.  

From the Jeremiah Project, to its exemplary Preschool and Kindergarten program, mission trips, amazing youth programs, commitment to an "Open and Affirming" church where everyone is welcome - First Congregational Church is dedicated to being what tomorrow demands.

"I never knew a church like this existed!"


We hear that a lot when people discover FCCWP.  We are a church that allows for personal, responsible interpretation of scripture.  We are not a church that tells you what to think or believe, but rather serves to lovingly support you on your journey.


We seek to make scripture alive and relevant to your daily life, and take what we receive from our time together on Sunday into the world the rest of the week.  We are a home for many who come from other faith traditions, those who have been away from church for a long time, and for those who have never been to church at all.  No matter who you are, or where you are on your journey, you'll discover that you are abundantly welcome at FCCWP.

Not just a church - a home

When you walk through the doors at FCCWP, you'll find a community of people that warmly and genuinely welcome all, regardless of religious tradition, sexual orientation, marital situation, financial or social status - this is a church that abundantly welcomes everyone around the table.

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First Congregational Church is a home for all who seek to explore and feed their spirit through who they are and what they do...together.




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